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Week 5 – Health Data Sets con’t

This week for Health Record Management we continued health data sets. (See Week 4 for definition of a health data set)

A line in the text that explains WHY having a data set is so important is:

“Having defined data sets ensures consistent data collection and reporting.”

I’m going to briefly explain the use of four data sets.

1- UHDDS – Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set

Used By:             For short term general hospitals (inpatient hospital)

Basic Elements of:       Information collected is used in national databases. Includes diagnosis, principal procedure, and other significant procedures.

2- UACDS – Uniform Ambulatory Care Data Set

Used By:          Ambulatory care facilities (physician offices, medical clinics, same-day surgery centers, outpatient hospital clinics and diagnostic departments, emergency treatment centers, and hospital emergency departments)

Basic Elements of:       Used for patients for medical and/or surgical care provided to patients who depart from facility on the same day they receive care. (Outpatients)

3- MDS 2.0 – Minimum Data Set for Long Term Care Version 2.0

Used By:          Long-term care facilities (nursing homes, assisted living)

Basic Elements of:       Federally mandated form to collect demographic and clinical data.

4- OASIS-C – Outcomes and Assessment Information Set

Used By:          Home health agencies

Basic Elements of:       Assess the quality of home healthcare services. Used for reimbursement for home health services.